twentythreenineteen Release New Self-Titled Album

After a year of single releases, shows, and being recognized on Reddit, indie-rock group twentythreenineteen has finally released their debut self-titled (in roman numerals) album on Know Hope Records. The record follows previously released singles “Remain” and “You”, two powerful but familiar slices of indie/pop-punk.

XXIIIXIX was engineered by Jack Meidel and Evan King, the latter of whom is a partner of twentythreenineteen singer/songwriter Sean McCall on their local music and art collective Plastic Masses. The impressive embroidery that makes up the cover of the record was completed by Nudie Stitches, while mastering was completed by infamous pop-punk stalwart Will Yip, who’s been having a very busy summer.

The band has a number of shows coming up promoting the new album, including a release show Friday June 28th at Ovations Dance Studio in Oaklyn, New Jersey, hosted by the quickly growing and prolific 4333 collective. The band is also set to perform at The Barbary this September.

Listen to xxiiixix here.

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