Seldom Family- Society EP (Vol.1)

Seldom Family returns with Society EP (Vol. 1), a dreamy, whispery collection that seems to yearn for times long ago. The EP’s four tracks lay the 1950s nostalgia on thicker than an episode of Riverdale. “Habits of Youth”, “Powder Blue”, and “Self-Vandalism” sport the same lo-fi, waltz-y sound. So much so, in fact, that upon my first listen I thought “Haven’t I heard this song before?” Perhaps that immediate familiarity part of the EP’s MO, as Patrick Norris’s dreamy vocals seamlessly lull you from one song to the next. The EP’s fourth and final track “Caring Home” gives a taste of Seldom Family’s shoegaze sensibilities, which are frequented throughout their discography. The track is a welcomed change from the previous schmaltzy ballads but alas does not offer anything particularly gobsmacking to this nostalgia-fest. While Society EP (Vol. 1) may not be Seldom Family’s most riveting work to date, the four-song EP is at least quite listenable and could fit perfectly in the playlist you make for cold and dreary Winter days.


  • Effective in evoking nostalgia, which seems to be Seldom Family’s primary goal
  • Mellow and easy to listen to
  • Pleasantly atmospheric and moody


  • Excessive use of reverb on the EP as a whole
  • Thematically, it is a tad clichéd and derivative
  • Too many similarities between “Habits of Youth”, “Powder Blue”, and “Self-Vandalism”, and in turn a lack of cohesion with “Caring Home”

Listen here.

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