Popular DIY Venue "Everybody Hits" Closes Down

Philly’s beloved DIY venue & batting cage hotspot Everybody Hits is the latest victim of rampant capitalist aggression, as the owner of the building that houses the space has sold the iconic property, leading to its abrupt closure.

The legendary space opened in 2013 and hosted bands from every walk of DIY life while providing a space for kids from the neighborhood to hang around and hit some balls. We will never see it’s like again.

Affectionately referred to as “The Batting Cages”, Everybody Hits quickly became a part of the DNA of Philadelphia’s rich DIY style, and gave plenty of local heroes a jumping off point. More than a venue, it was a social club, willing to host anyone with an open heart and the time to spend getting to know a new band. It inhibited support for our community of musicians and artists, partly bringing out the best in our city of little emo monsters.

Hopefully the venue is able to shed enough of its resources at its “Everything Must Go” sale today that another space might emerge offering a similarly unique experience. For now, let’s just appreciate the time we spent hanging out, discovering new and emerging bands, and hitting plenty of balls.


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