Orion Sun – Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me) (Single)

There are a few almost essential firsts to life as a young adult in the art scene of Philadelphia: your first cheesesteak, vegan or otherwise; your first run-in with the melodramatic dating pool/friends group overlap; and the first time you didn’t feel so alone at a string light-lit basement show. Orion Sun is lovingly etched into my brain as graciously offering and effortlessly providing the latter. 

Tiff Majette occupies the dreamy alias of Orion Sun, through which she is effectively able to relay her aspirations and aches to make them feel like they’re yours, too. Tiff has spent some years with this project, and her activity is treated like a precious gem by the Philadelphia scene – we don’t see nearly as much as we want to, and we will savor every little moment we can. ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)’ comes following over a year of no official releases, and I’m already quite hungry for more.

Orion Sun has this uncanny ability often found in mainstream pop songs to create tracks that suggest and describe a deep personal connection while keeping the interpretation of that link general and relatable- any listener could apply this aching love to a romantic, platonic, possibly even familial relationship. It could even be the suggestion of something bigger and more abstract, like a personification of the city you sometimes want to leave, but you stay, because Orion Sun’s new track has reminded you of all the things you fell in love with living on your own for the first time. 

A trademark of Tiff’s is that her songs are wholly easy to take in. For ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me),’ it is as if the audible waves of gently phasing frequencies have come from an actual ocean warmed by daylight. The song moves with swoons and sighs – a relaxed breathing pattern. With the percussion heavily compressed and scattered thoughtfully, the track swirls like a pleasant meditation. It’s simple, and the dynamics are limited, but it’s nice to have such a track welcoming us into the new year by not asking much of the listener. Warm organs uplift the track, and a  twangy guitar riff repeats throughout, embellished by twinkles galore. The production stands out with its seamless layering – as a listener you truly are enveloped with a bright sound and good feeling. 

It feels so good to know ya,” croons Majette, straight to the heart. Similarly, it feels so good to know that she exists, and is out there, with these feelings to put into tune. ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ feels like it’s hinting at more: may 2020 be the year no one leaves us – may it be the year we hold onto love. 


  • Smooth enough to play for anyone in your life
  • Catchy and easy to remember without being annoying 


  • At its worst, repetitive 
  • Not a showcase of the full potential of Orion Sun, but it’s not our place to order more!

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