Moonroof – Be Somebody (Single)

Moonroof’s admittedly catchy indie rock sound echoes the early-mid 2000s, specifically pop punk’s reign on the charts. Good Luck Out There, Moonroof’s most recent body of work, was a simple & fun embodying of this emo-pop hybrid, featuring dynamic songs that carried an interesting sense of drama. Later that year, they released Honey Honey, which,  though the song’s lyrics played on dangerous tropes, it was new musical territory for the band. Moonroof seems to pantomime pop punk in their most recent single, “Be Somebody”, drawing from a predictable top 40 sound within the genre.

Though relatively clean sounding, the arrangement of the song is flat enough to lose track of where you are in the song. It’s highly repetitive and overall lyrically uninteresting. The two shouted lines of the chorus – “Sorry I’m tryna be somebody / Don’t wanna wanna be nobody” – tire themselves out the more they are repeated. From the beginning of the song, the message is clear, the speaker feels bored and wants to be somebody. During the second verse, the idea changes slightly, making the songs purpose is undefinable. In its leap from “So many chemicals all in my brain” to “I’m on a plane, now I can’t complain” the song loses track of itself. It all kind of reads as a proud and resounding “I want to be famous for attention”.

Teetering the line between emo/pop punk and indie pop, the song has little sense of character. The presumably inspirational intended tone is unconvincing given the little energy to song musters. Musically, it trudges along at a pace that makes it seem like it doesn’t care when it reaches its destination — perhaps because it doesn’t travel far from where it started, barring some feedback spikes in the final chorus. Be Somebody is a steady indie pop song and the story kind of ends there.


  • Catchy, simple melodies
  • nostalgic


  • Repetitive & weak writing
  • Stagnant instrumentation
  • EQ errors

Listen here.

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