Molly Ringworm release new EP

Jersey indie group Molly Ringworm have returned with a new EP, Good Ol Boys. This follows their previous release (not counting a Joni Mitchell cover) Tape 1 from 2017, which presented Molly Ringworm as a solo project of vocalist/songwriter Sarah Holt. While the majority of those tracks barely broached the two-minute mark, Good Ol Boys features a full band reworking older songs while adding new ones to their discography. The dry and witty lyrics along with the sensitive subject matter of these tracks makes for an impressively smooth transition from solo singer-songwriter project into a fully-fledged indie band.

Holt has stated Good Ol Boys takes on several themes, including love, finding your place in an oppressive world/industry, and the relatable “desires to live a Grecian cynic lifestyle like that of a cat.”

Additionally, followers of Molly Ringworm’s mailing list can receive a handmade lyric zine, featuring film photography created by members of the band, handmade collages, and original paintings.

You can stream Molly Ringworm’s Good Ol Boys here and sign up for their mailing list here!

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