Jesse Gimbel – When the Cold Night Ends (Single)

If a song begins with “girl”, you likely know what you’re in for: a schmaltzy, cliché-ridden track that may woefully remind you of your high school ex who recently blocked you on Instagram. Jesse Gimbel’s single “When the Cold Night Ends” is this very track, and unapologetically so. The song boasts classic indie-rock sensibilities, with a healthy serving of pop influence and ultra-polished production. Gimbel’s high-register vocals bounce over glimmering guitar, a sound that can best be described as the the quintessential style of mainstream 00s alt-pop-rock.

While Gimbel may not be breaking any new ground with lyrics like “Girl, I want you but I don’t want you here in the morning/ Girl / I want you but I don’t see this as a sure thing”, it’s a sentiment that transcends redundancy. “When the Cold Night Ends” is almost like seeing a community theater production of Hamlet– you’ve heard it all before, but the message is not unwelcome. This matter is aided by the fact that the song itself sounds great, with Gimbel himself at the helm of engineering. Despite its triteness of its lyrics, “When the Cold Night Ends” is a catchy alt-pop song that will likely worm its way into you ear whether you like it or not.



  • Highly listenable
  • Solid, clean production value


  • Overall a tad unoriginal and uninspired

Listen here.

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