Humilitarian Release New Single “Hold My Breath”

Temple-based alternative/indie pop group Humilitarian have returned with a brand new single, making this their second official release since “Safe in the Center” earlier this year. Their new track, “Hold My Breath”, is on Bandcamp now, and will be moving to streaming services soon.

Humilitarian vocalist Kira Cappello described the new single as “a good introduction to and sample of the rest of [the band’s] sound”, which based on the two singles we’ve heard so far, seems to be powerful alternative instrumentals mixed with anxious lyricism. The same elements that made “Safe in the Center” such an effecting track are present here as well, including the soaring guitar solos and creative production by producer/engineer/lead guitarist Noah Wise through his business Soundsol Records.

The band does have only one live date coming up (which is surprising, given how often they appear on Get To The Gig!) on November 9th with Twin Beds, Carly Cosgrove, & Ol Sport at the Lizard Lounge, so you will have a chance to hear both of their singles at a show near you pretty soon!

Listen to “Hold My Breath” here and learn more about Soundsol Records here!

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