Another Hospital Release New Album

Alternative/indie rock group Another Hospital released their debut LP this past Friday, Oh Lord, Oh Brother, Oh Baby, on Nap Time Records. It follows a series of EPs and short form releases by the group’s singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Eric Kohlenstein. This LP also marks the first release credited to an entire band, rather than just Kohlenstein with a cavalcade of collaborators.

Oh Lord, Oh Brother, Oh Baby includes the previously released singles “Ritalin” and “Follow Me to the River”, and follows Another Hospital’s 2018 release One Liar to Another, a short pairing of the same song recorded from two different personal perspectives to, as Kohlenstein phrases it, “reflect the duality” of “hold[ing] onto things while simultaneously letting them go”.

The band has also announced a small run of shows in support of the new album. Following a release show at Couchtown, you can catch the full band in North Carolina, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Englishtown, NJ supporting this release.

Listen to Oh Lord, Oh Brother, Oh Baby here.

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